Five Centre-Stage Ideas That Prove Simplicity Is Elegance

December 30, 2016

Sometimes ‘subtle’ and ‘sober’ becomes the mantra for creating a spellbinding wedding decor. That means we need to underplay, refrain from going overboard and bank on the saying “less is more”,  to get that elegant look of the centre stage.  But that does not infer that designing and executing it is a cakewalk. It requires real expertise to get that perfect recipe to churn out something ethereal.

Most desire for a surreal mix of fantasy and reality at their wedding. And if your heart is fixed on something simply aesthetic we have something for you. We have at various phases put together such graceful set ups .  Check out five of our poised centre-stages that fit the bill in inspiring finesse and flair.

1) Electrifying Blue

One of our magnum opus works, the wedding was set across a beach with plenty of salubrious air. That kind of ambience is truly a cherry on the cake for wedding planners.


The centre stage was planned symmetrical with the electric blue  tufted panels and lighted lattices forming the core part of it. Pointed arch complemented the look with blue throne chairs positioned before it for the bride and groom. The color we went for was predominantly blue and it just clicked. The flowers were merely engraved on either textured peripheral panels of the stage and the result was a stunning structure.

2) Blatantly Charming


Here, the opulence of central floral backdrop was balanced on either side with panels decked up in swaging magenta drapes. The  rest of the decor was modest with myriads chiffon curtains drawn up complementing the richness at the centre. The colour and the lighting worked synchronously to dazzle the centre-stage.

3) In the Frames


White dapper frames of varying dimensions  lined up besides some cubed tables bearing candle holders and flowers, this formed the centre stage for an engagement ceremony. Some interesting colours and lights were thrown in to make it that artistic.  It is well apt for small ceremonies as it is grace embodied and certainly not over the top.

4) Royally Inclined


Purple and gold theme makes the stage look regal with satin curtains in a pipe and drape backdrop. The mandap was delineated with purple portieres  flowing from a ring-round floral centrepiece on the ceiling. It is for all of you who want to feel like a princess on your d-day.

5) When you just feel it cannot get better than that, here it comes

Flowers embossed on a backdrop of hanging winsome crystals, a spot on centre stage for those who want to keep it simple yet stylish.  The flowers were essentially derived from thermocol and the over all look was nothing short of spectacular.


These works essentially flaunt novel ideas and the skill to put them together; in turn creating a mystic appeal. There  are  umpteen  other  ways  to  make  it  mind  blowing  and  classy  yet  not  resorting  to  anything  in  overdose.  A  combo  of  different  colours  ,  light  and  flowers  can  be  made  use of  to  build  something  that  is  in  sync  with  the  saying  ”  simplicity  is  the  keynote  of  all  true  elegance  “